How To: Find & Use Open Source Data

Posted by India Young on August 17, 2018

One of our favorite attributes of the Population ExplorerTM tool is the ability to upload boundaries and marker files. Whether you're defining your target area or trying to analyze the population and demographics of real world events such as wildfires, or extreme weather, this feature is very handy. 

Finding the right open source boundary and location data can be tricky though. Thankfully, we are here to help! This week on the Population Explorer blog, we share some of our favorite open source data websites so you can effectively take your population analysis to a more critical level. 

Discover Some Our Favorite Open Source Data Sites! 

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How To: Working With Shapefiles

Posted by India Young on June 27, 2018

Another exceptional feature of the Population Explorer tool is the ability for users to upload and analyze shapefiles. Whether you're looking to retrieve population and demographic statistics for your target market (area of interest), or interested in statistics for an upcoming move to a new neighborhood, this convenient feature makes it easy to extract these data. In this post, we discuss more specifics about shapefiles and outline how you can effectively add these layers to your next project. 

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Data for Infrastructure

Posted by India Young on June 14, 2018

Worldwide communities need more infrastructure support, which makes reliable, accurate data crucial to successful, long-term planning. Basic demographic information is essential for effective infrastructure design. Yet, most of the world relies on outdated data, that are difficult to access, and require expertise to analyze and process.

At Population Explorer, we understand that accurate and intuitive data analysis products are fundamental for the planning and development tool kit. Below we illustrate some of the key infrastructure industries that Population Explorer serves and highlight some benefits of using our data. 

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The Data Behind Population Explorer

Posted by Kyle Weaver on June 7, 2018

With global population growth and expansion, commercial and non-profit sectors increasingly need to better understand their target markets. Having access to accurate demographic and population data is essential to ensure informed, granular decision making.

At Population Explorer, we are constantly improving and adding to the data within our application. Below we dive into the details of the data we provide and explain why you can trust Population Explorer when making important decisions.

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